Due to the rapid expansion of the Flower Company in recent months it has been necessary for Richard Turner Managing Director to relocate his company into new larger premises in Leicester.

The Flower Company are a major supplier of cut flowers to local businesses and retail outlets within the Midlands area. Refrigerating flowers keeps the flowers in top condition and to promote the shelf life of the flowers. Oak Refrigeration were appointed to provide a large flower chamber that could not only be used for storage of flowers but also could be used as a viewing area for customers.

Several large sealed window units were installed into the chambers structure to promote external viewing. Due to the physical size of the flowers it was necessary to install oversized doors to minimise any damage while the flowers are entering or exiting the chamber. To maximise the life of the flowers Oak designed a system that ran with a wet coil to minimise the moisture removal from the room and thus which would keep the humidity at an ideal conditions for storage of flowers. A custom built control panel was supplied that controlled the 2 off sets of refrigeration machinery. On site training was provided to the end user following commissioning of the chamber and refrigeration systems.

All of the main machinery products used on the installation were Euro Vent Certified to ensure the design duties and operation efficiency could be achieved. The construction of the chamber was made from PIR insulation to meet the regulations of the insurance company and the ceiling was designed as a single span roof as the existing building was unable to accept the service load of the structure. The lighting system was designed utilising a stage control to allow different lighting levels within the room via a switch sequence and the fittings were selected with tubes that provided low UV discharge.

Richard from the Flower Company quoted “I am very pleased with the end result of the project and how Oak approached the project by demonstrating their technical ability to provide a solution to our needs. The quality of the installation also is to a very high standard and the training/manuals provided proved very useful. The installation of the controlled environment has provided us with storage for almost all of our products which has enhanced the quality of the products we supply to our end users.”