Oak Refrigeration recently were awarded the complete refrigeration refit at Cost Cutter Sileby Leicester comprising of removal of existing machinery complete with the safe disposal of the refrigerants and cases. The works were phased over several weeks working with the shop fitters to ensure disruption was minimised to the sales floor.


  • Low Noise units
  • Twin Compressors per circuit
  • Temperature Alarm System
  • Separate backup units for Coldrooms
  • Sub cooled liquid thus low energy usage
  • Heat Pump Air Conditioning ECA units

The store is located within a fast growing village in Leicestershire. The store has always been recognised to provide good quality food product that most large supermarkets within the area can not provide. The refit has allowed Mark and his team to extend the range of products which include a larger range of chilled, deli and also fresh fish.

Refrigeration capacity was generated using the latest subcooled Copeland units which were complete with 2 scroll EVI compressors on each system. Ring mains were installed and pressure tested to the latest PED regulations to ensure the site met the latest regulations.

With Energy usage being of importance some of the refrigeration was integral to enable the heat losses and gains to become more balanced within the store so that air conditioning/heating would be minimised.

Oak were also awarded with the installation of R410a heat pumps/air conditioning systems at the end of the project to allow conditioning of the sales floor

Coldrooms were formed from PIR insulation to minimise losses and to comply with current insurance requirements. The fresh meat coldroom was designed with a low temp diff between the evaporator and air temperature to minimise drying of the fresh meat.

In order to ensure the store were aware of any potential problems the sales and backup refrigeration reports back to an RDM data manager alarm panel which continually monitors the coldrooms and cases status.

All of the units were low noise and complete with fan speed controls to the condensers due to near by housing to the shop.