Oak Refrigeration have recently completed a refit of Londis Wigston Leicester. It was identified by the owner of the site that they were loosing potential sales for chilled wines and beers. With the Festive season fast arriving Oak were requested to provide a fast turn key solution to their problem. Oak were recommended to the owners by another Londis member who had recently utilised the companies refrigeration skills for a similar project.


  • Refrigeration
  • Turn key solution
  • Copeland Twin scroll low noise unit
  • Utilisation of BS4434 and PED for refrigeration services.

After a site investigation and detailed meetings with the management team of the store it was decided to install 2 off 2.2m high cases complete with 6 tiers of shelving. Using the 2.2m high cases allowed the store to provide additional product facings to their ever-growing range of chilled wines and beers.

Taking into consideration the requirements of the customer Oak Refrigeration agreed with the client to provide a new main power system to the back of the shop with a large distribution board for future use. Additionally it was agreed to install a twin scroll compressor pack, which would allow for the site to add refrigeration capacity at a future date to the shop floor with minimal disruption. Utilising the twin compressor system also provided the client with diversity as in the event of a compressor failure the system would still remain operational.

Energy usage was also a major consideration, Oak decided to utilise a PLC controller for the control of the twin pack, which would minimise the utilisation of the 2nd compressor on the twin pack. Night blinds were also installed to the cases, which would provide additional energy saving when the store was not trading.

Services were sized to minimise pressure drops of the system, which in turn provided additional energy savings.

Due to the site being close to dwellings the twin unit was provided with jacketed compressors and low noise fans, which provided a low noise solution.

A spokesman for the store quoted “I have purchased several refrigeration systems over the recent years and am very pleased with how Oak designed and contracted these works, our downtime while Oak were installing the equipment was minimal and the system has now operated for several weeks with no post completion issues.”